The Apple TV 4K in 7 questions and some revelations

Apple TV 4K
The Apple TV 4K and the new version of the touch remote control

After more than a year of rumors, the Apple TV 4K is now available! Let’s take a look at this new product in 7 questions and few revelations.

In short :

1) For what uses is the Apple TV 4K perfect ?

In France :

  • Watch Netflix movies/series, CanalPlay in 4K HDR
  • Watch myCanal, the live/replay of Canal+ in 4K HDR
  • Watch french TV/TNT programs live and in replay with Molotov and other channel’s apps (BFMTV, Eurosport…)
  • Buy/rent movies/series in HD or 4K HDR on iTunes
  • Listen to your iTunes music library
  • Look at your photos/videos stored in iCloud
  • Mirror your Mac, iPad or iPhone screen
  • Play beautiful 2D and 3D “casual games

2) What makes the Apple TV 4K really unique?

  • A really simple and fluid interface designed for touch remote control
  • A really quick and easy installation
  • A great choice of over 8000 applications and games designed for the big screen
  • Very good integration with the Apple ecosystem (iPhone, Mac, iTunes, Apple, Music, iCloud)
  • The Siri voice command designed for music and movies/series (in France, Siri search across iTunes, Netflix, myCanal and OCS)
  • It’s also a hub for the Homekit home automation system, compatible with Philips, Logitech, Netamo products…

3) Where the Apple TV 4K available ?

In France :

Apple TV 4K
The interface of the Apple TV 4K


If you’re interested in the details :

4) What are the differences with the previous model of Apple TV?

  • The ability to decode the 4K in HDR video at 60 frames per second
  • A much more powerful processor (A10X Fusion, like the iPad Pro 2017)
  • A faster ethernet port (Gigabit)
  • A faster wifi (simultaneous dual band)
  • 5.0 Bluetooth support
  • A quiet fan
  • An easier to use and more accurate remote
  • One port less, but we don’t care, it was only intended for maintenance

5) What are the good surprises for the Apple TV 4K ?

  • Support for 2 HDR modes, the classic HDR10 but also the much better Dolby Vision
  • The imminent availability of an Apple TV app mixing programs from iTunes,, MyCanal, OCS
  • The imminent availability of an Amazon Premium Video app
  • Movies in 4K at the same price as those in HD on iTunes (unlike other platforms)
  • Your old iTunes HD purchases made available for free in 4K
  • The supplied USB cable to recharge the remote

Apple TV 4K
Apple TV 4K

6) What are the Apple TV 4K little known weak points?

  • For now, the Apple TV 4K only reads Youtube 4K videos in HD
  • The touch remote control is sometimes difficult to use in the dark
  • Still no support for Dolby Atmos (but it should happen soon)
  • For iTunes, Disney and Marvel have not yet planned to make their movies available in 4K HDR
  • The HDMI cable is not provided (but this one is perfect in any situation for HD, 4K HDR and 3D)

7) What are the alternatives to the Apple TV 4K ?