About Us

Perfektly shows the right electronic product for you, according to your devices (phone, TV, Computers …) and the services you use daily (Netflix, Dropbox, Spotify …).

The Perfektly service will be available before the end of 2017!

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Why Perfektly?

Smartphones, tablets, computers but also Dropbox, Spotify Netflix … all these products and services are taking an increasingly central place in our daily lives.

But digital is also becoming more and more complex. The technical specifications and logos present on the packaging are no longer enough to guarantee a perfect communication of our devices between them and with our preferred services.

Because of technical and political reasons, we are faced with hardware or software incompatibilities and poor experiences. Distributors say “if it doesn’t work, just return it!” and the brands say “to make sure it works together, buy everything from the latest generation from us!” Even though what users want is to mix brands (Sony TV and Bose speakers that work flawlessly with their Android Media Player, their Samsung phone and Google Photos service).

Before Perfektly, there was no referent about interoperability, just millions of product-centered pages on distributors or constructors websites, plus endless crammed discussions with obsolete and contradictory information on forums.

We decided to build Perfektly because we believe electronic services and products derive most of their value from their interoperability capacities. Because it can. Because it should.

What are the 2 basic functions of Perfektly?

  1. With Perfektly, users see directly what’s the best product for them according to the devices they already own (smartphone, PC, TV, printer …) and the services they use on a daily basis (video on demand, music online, sharing/Storing files, photos …).
  2. Perfektly also offers users a unified view of their consumer electronics setup (products + services) in order to keep them abreast of possible updates and available opportunities.

The Perfektly service will be available before end of  2017!

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