Video Wars: GA(F)A move their war to the living room

In recent days we saw an escalation  between the GA(F)A, the 3 giants Google, Apple and Amazon which each offer both:

  • Electronic streaming video Products
  • Streaming video Platforms

For the consumer, these competing solutions are mainly complementary to have access to more offers with a minimal equipment: people will simply not buy a media-player for each catalog. In order to make each offer more attractive, we have seen in the past many fruitful collaborations such as those of Google making Youtube available on the Apple TV on day one.

But today, as the market gains maturity, the tensions reappear and each actor tries to use his strengths to his advantage to gain leadership.

  • Google uses the importance of Youtube to impose a video format and its devices linked to its content store
  • Apple uses its niche courted premium users to impose another video format and its devices linked to its content store
  • Amazon is blackmailing the availabilty of Apple and Google products in its e-commerce store to make its contents, brand and global store emerge even more.

Here is a small summary that details how each of the 3 GA(F)A process and is processed by the other 2 (click to see it larger):

How Apple, Google and Amazon process and are processed by the 2 others
How Apple, Google and Amazon process and are processed by the 2 others

All of this changes permanently of course. But thanks to the Perfektly service, without worrying about technical incompatibilities and political options, you will be able to always know which service is really available on which equipment and in which quality.

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