Media Player: The biggest player may be not who you think

In the USA, Roku is the major player in market share. Amazon is second with its FireTV, followed by Google with the Chromecast range and Apple with the Apple TV.

But everything will be different soon with the new models coming for christmas by Apple, Amazon and Roku. Stay tuned !

source: Parks Associates



When an update bricks your smart locks

Some smart locks made by Lockstate, the one integrated in Airbnb processes,  have been bricked after an update.

Customers have received an email from the company informing them of the “fatal error” following a software update. The two models of Lockstate smart lock affected are the 6i and 6000i, one of which retails for $469.

Customers are asked to wait 18 days for a full replacement or a week if they choose to remove and send a portion of the lock to the company for repair.

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